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Charles Dunn Lubbock Attorney Committed to Fight for Texas Accident Victims

Posted by in Lubbock Attorney, Texas Accident Lawyer, on January 27, 2016

Due to increase rate of accident and injuries in The State of Texas, Charles Dunn Lubbock attorney committed to fighting for the Texas serious injury victims. According to statistics from the Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Reports (CR-3) Texas traffic accidents lead the nation in deaths and serious injuries, as per Texas Department of Transportation report- […]

Texas personal injury attorney Charles Dunn explains the how to guide to settle your accident claims for a successful compensation

Posted by in Malpractice Lawsuits, Super Lawyers, on January 24, 2016

Board-Certified Charles Dunn Lubbock attorney specializes in personal injury trial law explains how to guide to settle your personal injury cases for a successful compensation. The guide consists of Does your lawsuits commonly go to trial, and if so, how long usually is the trial itself? Texas personal injury attorney Charles Dunn personal injury and […]

Get Fair Compensation by Choosing a Experienced Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted by in Lubbock Attorney, Malpractice Lawsuits, medical malpractice case, Texas Accident Lawyer, on January 16, 2016

Personal injuries can upset a normal life. Victims of personal injuries need to ensure that they have experienced and Board Certified lawyers who can present a strong case and help them win. Hiring Texas Personal Injury Attorney at Law office, a complainant is assured that the best possible solution or settlement can be acquired to […]

Lubbock Attorney Charles Dunn

Posted by in 2015 Edition, Super Lawyers, on November 17, 2015

LUBBOCK, TX – Charles Dunn Lubbock Attorney is being recognized and honored as Texas Super Lawyers in the 2015 edition. The Lubbock Lawyer of the Year based on his outstanding representation of clients in the highly competitive area of personal injury and medical malpractice litigation. Charles is the principal owner of Law offices of Charles […]

New Claims Allowed After Virginia Medical Malpractice Plaintiff Files Nonsuit

Posted by in medical malpractice case, on August 1, 2015

Ellen Dunston has been allowed to add new claims in her re-filed Virginia medical malpractice lawsuit following a nonsuit, even though the additional claims would have otherwise exceeded the statute of limitations. Under Virginia law, a plaintiff is permitted one voluntary dismissal, which is referred to as a nonsuit.  When a nonsuit is taken, the plaintiff […]

It’s Happened Again – Woman Robbed of Nearly $1 Million Due to Virginia Tort Reform

Posted by in Virginia Tort Reform, on August 1, 2015

Things allegedly changed for 52-year-old Carol Johnson when she was a patient of Dr. Eleanor Deguzman-Berube and the Atwood Family Medical Center in 2003.  Johnson had undiagnosed diverticulitis, which is defined as a form of inflammation of the intestinal wall. The condition progressed into numerous abscesses and ultimately led to multiple surgeries. Barry Taylor, Johnson’s […]

Florida Psychologist is Accused of Having Sex with Client Then Billing Her Insurance Company for the Sessions

Posted by in medical malpractice case, on August 1, 2015

According to allegations, a Tampa psychologist  billed a patient’s insurance company for her treatment, when it is believed that he was actually having sex with her.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, an investigation by the Florida Health Department also found that he repeatedly received prescription painkillers from the patient. Not surprisingly, the state department […]

U.S. District Judge Says Court Costs Are Not Included in Virginia’s Med Mal Cap

Posted by in medical malpractice case, on August 1, 2015

According to a Richmond federal court, a Virginia medical malpractice plaintiff can add court costs to his $1.8 jury verdict, even though it would push the award over the state’s cap on medical malpractice damages.  U.S. District Judge Robert Payne allowed the $2,706.88 in court costs, despite the defendant’s argument that the statutory cap prohibited […]